Best Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards

In case you need a portable keyboard that can be connected to any different possible device, whether it is a desktop device, tablet, a phone, a laptop device or even a television set, you might want to look into buying a good Bluetooth wireless keyboard. The Bluetooth wireless keyboard models that we will be reviewing in this article have the feature to easily and quickly switch between multiple different devices.

This article is also very useful for people that might need to use the keyboard on the go or might just need an ergonomic and fully split keyboard. In case you only use your keyboard on one static desktop computer device, then the Bluetooth wireless keyboard might not be the best option for you. You should also keep in mind the Bluetooth wireless keyboards a slightly more expensive than other alternatives.

Some high quality mechanical keyboards have a more ergonomic design and feel more comfortable than some of our Bluetooth wireless keyboard peaks in this article. However, they don’t work with mobile phones or tablets. There also are some cheap wireless keyboards that we won’t review because they don’t have all the necessary portable features or are primarily designed for desktop use.

You should also keep in mind that not all devices support the Bluetooth technology. Some older laptops and even some older desktops might not support the Bluetooth standard, which makes it crucial that you properly check whether all of your devices can support the wireless keyboard that you want to buy.

We have tested and worked with a lot of Bluetooth wireless keyboards, and we have chosen 10 of the best and most innovative Bluetooth as well as keyboards to showcase to you.

What to look out for

One of the most important features of a good Bluetooth wireless keyboard is that it is very easy to use. The keyboard should be portable and ready to be easily and quickly paired with any of your different devices. Switching among the various devices should be quick and easy as well.

The radio-frequency (RF) wireless keyboards require a USB dongle, so that’s why we decided to ignore these models. We only focused on Bluetooth keyboards for this article because they are supported by most desktops, tablets and mobile phones without the need to give up a USB port.

Another thing that makes a keyboard great is to be fully featured and not compromise anywhere. A great keyboard needs to be full-sized with large keys. Pressing any key on the keyboard in order to activate should be comfortable and should feel natural.

Unfortunately, some keyboard manufacturers decide to slope their keyboards upwards in order to help the users see the keys better. This is a dreadful design choice because it reduces comfort and increases stress and tiredness on your wrists. The best ergonomic typing position for the keyboard is definitely to have the keys slope downwards. This is another critical aspect which we took into account when reviewed these Bluetooth wireless keyboards.

Being portable and easy to transport is a key feature for good Bluetooth wireless keyboards. This means that the model has to be lightweight and very compact which would make it easy to pack and carry around. Another important thing is for the wireless keyboard to have a long battery life. A right balance between the ability and comfort is the ultimate aspect of a great Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

Multipurpose is also a vital thing that you should look out for when you were deciding to buy a Bluetooth wireless keyboard. The wireless keyboard needs to be good and useful at pretty much everything regardless of whether you’re using it on your desktop, on your television set or on an airplane with your laptop.

Finally, a great Bluetooth wireless keyboard should not be too cramped with functions in a single key. Overly complicated wireless keyboards usually have a shorter battery life. You should also make sure that all of the primary functions are in the right places when you’re judging the performance of the keyboard model. Now, let’s get right into reviewing the best available Bluetooth wireless keyboards on the market.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K810

Logitech Bluetooth K810 is an illuminated wireless keyboard with a black color that can be used on all kinds of different computers, smart phones, tablets and other devices. The main feature of this particular product is the ability to switch between typing on your computer, tablet or mobile phone easily with just one click.

This great wireless keyboard has sharp and bright characters and well-spaced buttons that make it very comfortable and easy to use. The one touch switching feature is  ideal when you want to quickly switch tasks like typing an email on your computer or typing something on your tablet device or maybe even writing a text message on your mobile phone.

The range of the wireless connection for this wireless keyboard is 30 feet or 10 meters. There is also a very useful feature of toggling back and forth between typing on all kinds of different devices. This is also an illuminated wireless keyboard which can light up or dim down the characters depending on how much light there is in the room. Typing on this keyboard in a dark room at night is just as easy as it is during the day.

The visual style of this wireless keyboard is very impressive. The keyboard is finished off with aluminum, and the overall size of the keyboard is ultra with a minimalistic visual approach. There is also a very unique keycap design which is not only very ergonomic and comfortable, but also makes the keys very quiet. You wouldn’t have to worry about loud keyboard noises in the night.

The battery life of the Logitech Bluetooth K810 wireless keyboard is quite long. A fully charged battery can last a minimum of 10 days depending on the intensity of use and how much illumination is required for use. There is also a USB cable provided which can be used to recharge your keyboard’s battery. You can even recharge it while you’re typing on it. When it comes to Bluetooth as well as keyboards, this great model is definitely among the best available on the market.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

The Microsoft Wedge keyboard is the ideal mobile keyboard for all kinds of tablet owners that need to type and use a keyboard on the go. The design of this wireless keyboard is ultra-thin and very lightweight. This design not only makes the keyboard extremely easy and compact to carry around but it also provides a very smooth and effortless typing experience for all kinds of different documents or e-mails with the soft touch, full-sized keys.

This great mobile keyboard represents an excellent mixture of functionality and form. The visual design of the Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard is very minimalistic and efficient when it comes to providing you with all the necessary features and keys that you need from a proper keyboard, and nothing more.

Another unique feature of this product is the ability to quickly and easily convert the mobile keyboard into a tablet stand. This allows you to watch movies, TV shows or performing the work more easily while at the same time the keyboard will protect your tablet devices from different kinds of scratches. Snapping the cover back on the keyboard, if you finished using it, powers it down so it can be packed into your bag or backpack for future portable use.

Additional great features that are unique to the Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard are the Windows 8 function keys that provide you with very easy access to the most of the only used functionalities of the Windows 8 operating system. There also are media keys which can be used to control music on your tablet with buttons for play next track, pause, and previous track as well as control keys that allow you to change the volume on your tablet.

This wireless keyboard has been designed to work and be compatible with almost all tablets available on the market. Not only does it work for Windows tablets, but also for Android tablets and iPads. The light touch and full-sized keys on the Microsoft Wedge provide you with a very unique, comfortable and pleasant taping experience even if you’re using the keyboard for very long periods of time.

ESYNIC Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

The next wireless keyboard that we will be looking at to review is the eSynic portable Bluetooth keyboard that is foldable for space-saving, easy to use and very lightweight so it can be easily carried around. This is a fully portable keyboard that is fully compatible with all kinds of Windows, Android, and iOS systems.

The main feature that is unique to this particular wireless Bluetooth keyboard is the tri-fold pocket design. The eSynic keyboard can be folded 3 ways for more compactness and with the very slim design and the low weight of the product it makes it the perfect portable keyboard to carry around even in your pocket.

Although this portable and powerless Bluetooth keyboard is lightweight and very slim, it is made out of aircraft grade aluminum which gives fit, superior rigidity, a lot of sturdiness and high-grade durability and longevity. The lithium battery that is built-in to this wireless keyboard is not only rechargeable but can also provide over 65 hours of usage time when fully charged.

The user-friendliness of this keyboard is accentuated by the switch connections as well as the function keys that provide the keyboard with tons of useful functionalities. You can turn your tablet on or off or even use the auto power off or use the sleep functions when you want to conserve battery life with one key. The eSynic portable wireless Bluetooth keyboard has a QWERTY layout, also has the Fn key which can be used with color keys or hotkeys.

Arteck Universal Portable Wireless Keyboard

The Arteck universal and portable wireless keyboard has wide compatibilities and a very unique ergonomic design. This wireless keyboard supports each and every one of the four biggest operating systems, like Windows, Android, iOS as well as the Mac OS. It can be used on all kinds of different tablets and iPhones like the iPad Pro versions the Air 1 and 2, iPad mini as well as the Samsung Galaxy models and the Google Nexus.

Apart from the wide range of compatibility that this wireless keyboard provides, it also features a lot of different and unique function keys for every different operating system. You can use these functional keys in order to control and gain quick access to some very often used functions like volume control, functions like copy and paste, playback control and much more.

The keys on the Arteck Universal portable wireless keyboard are very comfortable and easy on your fingertips, but also specifically designed to allow for whisper quiet typing. There also are some unique windows dedicated hotkeys that can be used for media controls and other commonly used functions.

Although this particular wireless keyboard guarantees you comfortable and quiet typing, it also provides sturdiness and durability because the production material of this particular wireless keyboard is stainless steel. All of these features combined with the amazing, industry-leading ergonomic design provide a very high quality overall product.

The lithium rechargeable battery is another on the list of some very impressive features that this particular wireless keyboard has to offer. Not only is the lithium battery rechargeable, but also the battery has a life of 6 months when fully charged. This battery life number is based on the assumption that it will be used 2 hours per every day.

The compact size and dimensions of the Arteck portable wireless keyboard which are 11.1×5.3×0.16 inches as well as the 10.2oz ultra-light weight allow the keyboard to be very easily carried around in backpacks, suitcases and even handbags.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

The Logitech multi-device Bluetooth keyboard K480 is a computer desk keyboard that can also be used on your tablets and smart phones and introduces some unique and innovative features. The integrated cradle for smart phone and tablet devices makes it very easy to use and very simple to switch between using the keyboard on different Bluetooth devices that are connected to it.

The easy switch dial is a very unique feature of this particular wireless keyboard that can be used to switch usage between up to 3 different Bluetooth devices that are connected to the keyboard. You can easily and quickly change between typing an email on your tablet and typing the personal text message on your smart phone.

This multi-device wireless keyboard is compatible with the Windows operating system as well as the Mac OS, Android and the iOS operating system. And although the layout of the keyboard is pretty consistent with most others, there are some special functional keys and shortcut keys that can be used for easier control and enhanced functionalities.

One of the best features about this wireless product and the one feature we like the most is definitely the integrated cradle. This cradle located on the top of the keyboard can be used to hold your tablet or phone comfortably at just the right angle. This not only provides great functionality and compatibility with all kinds of handheld devices, but also provides unique comfort when typing and reading on your devices.

And although the Logitech Bluetooth multi-device keyboard K480 is fully sized and backed with all kinds of unique and amazing features, it still remains ultrathin and compact. And although the size dimensions of the keyboards are pretty impressive, this particular wireless keyboard still manages to be ultra-lightweight. When it comes to great wireless keyboard products on the market, the Logitech K480 is definitely among the best.

Anker Bluetooth Ultra Slim Keyboard

The Anker Bluetooth wireless keyboard is an ultra slim ergonomic keyboard that allows for comfortable typing and usage on all kinds of different smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. This is a cross compatible wireless keyboard that is fully compatible with Windows, Android, iOS as well as Mac operating systems. It also includes several shortcut keys that provide additional functionalities for all four operating systems.

This particular wireless keyboard is very lightweight weighing as little as 6.7oz, and it is approximately 30 percent smaller than other typical keyboards. This makes it one of the most lightweight and compact wireless keyboards available on the market.

The keys on this great wireless keyboard are very low-profile and comfortable which provides you with an effortless and quiet way to use and type on the keyboard. Also, the battery of the Anker Bluetooth wireless ultra slim keyboard doesn’t consume a lot of power and can last for up to 3 months if used for 2 hours every day.

This wireless keyboard product comes with an 18-month warranty which in a way guarantees quality and satisfaction. Every single purchase of this particular product comes with full documentation as well as top-quality customer service and support.

Seenda Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Seenda’s Mini Bluetooth keyboard with an added touchpad is a great Bluetooth wireless keyboard option for Windows, Android, and iOS operative systems. This product boasts a very unique design with a very functional and inoperative layout. It claims to provide one of the best possible control and comforts when it comes to handheld and other devices.

There are buttons available that allow you to quickly switch between different operating systems by using the FN+Q buttons for iOS or the FN+W buttons for a Windows operating system. It also has touch pad functions for all kinds of different iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Additionally, there is a special switch to turn devices on or off.

This is a fully portable wireless keyboard and is very elegant in design. It features backlight and multi-touch navigation which provides you with a very convenient and comfortable user experience while typing in any possible situation.

The unique multi-touch pad, as well as the unique scroll bar, allows you to easily and comfortably control your mobile device with functions for scrolling, flipping the screen as well as mouse clicks. There also are additional features available for smart phones.

The lithium based battery that is built-in with this wireless keyboard is long-lasting as well as fully rechargeable. There are also special modes like sleep and wake that help with battery preservation. There is also a switch that allows you to easily and quickly switch between different operating systems when needed.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard

The AmazonBasics Wireless Bluetooth keyboard is a great little option for many Apple devices such as the iPad, iPad mini as well as the iPhone. The of this particular wireless keyboard is fully ergonomic and has a unique tilt design that makes it very comfortable when using and it is also compact and tiny enough to be able to be carried absolutely anywhere.

The scissor-switch keys that are unique to this particular Bluetooth wireless keyboard are low-profile and provide a very effortless and quiet way to type with the keyboard which also improves the speed and efficiency of the product.

The Bluetooth technologies that are integrated within this keyboard give you a very compact way to connect to your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices without the need of using a cable connection. There also are several keyboard shortcuts available to use that give instant access to important features such as the home screen as well as important controls for stuff like media and volume.

The size dimensions of the AmazonBasics Bluetooth wireless keyboard are 10.4×4.6×0.7 inches, and the weight of the keyboard is exactly 9.6 ounces. This makes it a very lightweight and small Bluetooth wireless keyboard which is absolutely necessary when it comes to portable wireless keyboards.

Proster Folding Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

The Proster folding Bluetooth wireless keyboard is a really innovative and unique ultra slim portable keyboard with some very cool features. That only is the design of the wireless keyboard perfectly ergonomic, but the keyboard itself is also pocket-sized as well as foldable. This particular product can be used on many different portable devices such as smart phones, iOS devices, the surface Galaxy tab, and laptops.

Fully comfortable typing and a worry-free user experience are guaranteed with an innovative 166-degree feature. Also, the design of the keyboards full-size key set is slim and sleek. These design features are sure to provide a very comfortable typing experience as well as an almost perfect sense of touch while using this product.

The compatibility with the newest Bluetooth 3.0 version allows for a very stable signal between the keyboard and the device as well as a very sensitive response when typing. This compatibility also makes the Proster folding Bluetooth wireless keyboard fully optimized and ready to use with all kinds of different windows, Android, iOS and many other devices and smart phones.

Among the many different wireless keyboards that we can have looked at, and we have tested, the Proster Bluetooth wireless keyboard is definitely one of the most convenient keyboards to carry around in any possible situation. This makes this particular wireless keyboard one of the best portable options on the market. There is a double folding design which paired with the very small size of the keyboard, the ultra-slimness, and the lightweight makes it very seamless and unnoticeable when traveling or carrying around.

This is also a very durable and long-lasting product. The average lifespan of a Proster wireless keyboard key is around 3 million clicks. The durable battery that is built-in is fully rechargeable and provides more than 50 hours of usage. Finally, there is a very unique magnetic foldable design which comes with this wireless keyboard. This allows the keyboard to automatically power up whenever it is unfolded and even automatically shut down whenever it is folded back.

OMOTON Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

The final wireless keyboard that we will be showcasing for you is the OMOTON ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard. This is a black colored portable keyboard that is ideal for all kinds of different Android devices, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The operating distance of this particular wireless keyboard is up to 10 meters.

This great Bluetooth wireless keyboard product is compatible with and supports a large number of different devices. It can be used on the Samsung Galaxy tab series or the galaxy note series. It is also fully compatible with the galaxy note Pro, the Google Nexus series as well as all of the different iPad devices available on the market including the iPad mini.

The layout of this Bluetooth wireless keyboard is a standard and reasonable QWERTY layout. However, the OMOTON ultra slim Bluetooth wireless keyboard comes with fully customized hotkeys for most Android and other devices. This unique feature makes typing and working with the keyboard much more convenient and pleasurable.

The makers of this wireless keyboard really nailed the perfect balance between size and compactness. The OMOTON ultra slim Bluetooth wireless keyboard is just the right size in order to be fully portable and easily carried around, but also the keys are big enough, so typing with your fingers won’t be difficult or tiring.

The high quality battery that comes with this great Bluetooth wireless keyboard product is very durable and features a long battery life. The automatic sleep mode that is integrated into the keyboard allows for up to 30 days continuous use before needing to be recharged as well as up to 6 months between battery changes. When it comes to great Bluetooth wireless keyboards, this is definitely one of the pattern options.


We hope that this article helps you discover and choose the perfect Bluetooth wireless keyboard for you. We are confident that if you use the tips that we have provided to you as well as integrate all of the information about all the best different wireless keyboard products, that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase.

There are many different reasons and uses for a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, and it is of the utmost importance for you to identify exactly how, where and when you would be using your Bluetooth wireless keyboard. This realization helps you better judge all the different products and makes it so much easier for you to choose the one that will suit your needs the most.

Another thing to remember is that quality and comfort matter. Simply choosing the cheapest Bluetooth keyboard option might save you some money, but in the long run, it may actually cost you money. You need to find the right balance of price, quality as well as comfort. We assure you that if you choose to buy any of the products that we have showcased and reviewed for you in this article, that you wouldn’t be making a mistake and end up regretting the decision.